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Now Accepting booking for JUNE 1 - JULY 10, 2024

Bookings may be accepted for after July 10th for an additional fee as the nights are longer
and the time spend at Moraine is longer.

Access to Moraine Lake is now only available by shuttles, transit and commercial buses only between June and October. 
All Moraine Lake workshops and tours include shuttle passes.
Shuttle access is not guaranteed and we may not be able to accommodate last minute bookings. 


This is the first and ONLY night photography
adventure at Moraine Lake!

Additional Information


Transportation to and from Moraine Lake will be provided by Fairview Limousine based in Lake Louise. They will be dropping us off after sunset at around 10:00 pm and pick us up around 4:30am the following morning.

If there is bad weather overnight, we are able to contact them for transportation out prior to 4:30am.

Milky Way & Moon

When at Moraine Lake, we are facing south so it is prime for Milky Way photography. When booking please pay attention to the moon and if it will be full during the night. If you are unsure, please ask. 

Fitness Level

Minimal fitness is required. The lake is a short walk from the parking lot, however there are stairs with uneven steps and no railings that do up to the Rockpile where we will do a good portion of shooting. Locations can be modified based on fitness levels. 


This is an "All Nighter" workshop where we will be staying out all night and photographing the night sky. Since we will be the only ones there other than guests at Moraine Lake Lodge, we will have the freedom to experiment with all types of photography over our time there. From star trails to light painting to exploring other spots in the area.

This tour can be rescheduled due to rain based on availability


This workshop/tour is available for all skill levels.

I will personalized the session to your skill level and what you'd like to learn.

Beginners are welcome, even if you've never done any night photography before. This is a wonderful place to learn!

Clothing and Comforts

Hot chocolate will be provided to keep us warm as well as blankets. Please bring your own snacks and any additional beverages. I will have a camp stove available to heat up water.

Bears & Safety

We will be in bear country.

I will have bear spray with me and we will be practicing bear awareness and safety while out there in the dark.

I recommend that you also have a can of bear spray with you.

Image Gallery

These are all images I have taken at Moraine Lake prior to the road closure in 2023.



DSLR/Mirrorless Camera



You'll need the full power and creative control of a Digital SLR/Mirrorless Camera to get the most out of your experience on this workshop!



A shutter release allows you to take photos without touching the camera. This helps ensure sharp photographs during longer exposures.






It is a good idea to bring a wide angle lens get as much beauty in one shot as you can. As well as a telephoto lens for long-lens landscapes.



It is always a good idea to have a few extra batteries on hand. Batteries die faster when using LiveView and in colder temps during the morning.



A tripod is a must when shooting sunrise/sunset and night photography. You will be using longer exposures and you will not be able to handhold the camera.

*extra tripods available if you don't have one*



Please bring extra layers of clothing to put on if you get cold. Dress warm and bring any snacks you want. 


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