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  • "Can I bring my spouse, friend or children along?""
    YES! We welcome you to bring them along. We see some beautiful scenery and we love to share it! However the teaching of the workshop will focus on the single student. Children under the age of 13 are welcome to join as long as there is a second adult on hand.
  • Where and when do we meet for my workshop?
    We will use your hotel as our meeting place. Most locations don't have addresses so its very easy to get lost especially if you aren't familiar with the area. I will be in touch a day or two before the workshop to confirm our start time.
  • "Me and a couple friends want to take a workshop, is there a discount for more people?""
    YES, there sure is! If there is 2 or more photographers there is discounts available! 20% off per person! Please refer to the "Multiple Photographers" tab located on the Private Guiding & Instruction page. The prices listed within that tab have already been discounted 20% off the regular price.
  • "Do you have an itinerary for your adventures?""
    The short answer is No. Whether it is a 5 hour sunrise, 4 hour night shoot or a 7 day adventure, I choose the location we will visit fairly last minute based on the best location for the conditions. For those of you who like to have things firmly planned, please understand that landscape photography requires flexibility and I try my best to work with my years of experience to get you the best options to photograph as possible.
  • "I am just a beginner and don't know much about my camera, will I still be able to get good photos on a workshop?""
    You sure will!! The best way to learn is by doing. Our workshops will help you understand your camera and help you learn to control your camera to get the photographs you want! You will learn valuable skills that you can practice and built on after the workshop.
  • "Do you offer post processing techniques and lessions?""
    Yes! Post processing is available. I offer 2.5 hour Lightroom classes that can be added onto any workshop. Post Processing is available on 5-10 day adventures. You must provide your own computer with Lightroom preloaded.
  • "What if the Northern Lights show up on a night photography session?""
    If we are lucky enough to have the Northern Lights show up during a night photography session then we will continue the workshop at no extra charge until the lights go away. There is never a guarantee that the lights will show up but a close eye will be kept on the data.
  • "Are you still running private workshops/tours during the pandemic?""
    Yes! My private workshops are able to still run unimpacted while still following all of the changing restrictions in Alberta.
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